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KishHealth System recently honored individuals, teams, and departments who have demonstrated significant achievements toward the health system’s organizational Pillar Goals in the areas of People, Quality, Finance, Service and Growth.  The top Can-Do Attitude recipient and the recipient of the Karen Sepaniak KishHealth System Spirit Award also were named.

The Valley West Obstetrics and Operating Room Cesarean Section Training Team received the Quality Pillar Award for establishing procedures for reducing the C-section “decision to incision time” normally only found in larger hospitals. This accomplishment set a new standard of maternity care for critical access hospitals.

DurRay Sanchez-Torres, RN, interim manager of Med/Surg/ICU and Hospital Supervisors at Valley West Community Hospital, received the People Pillar Award recognizing her leadership skills in creating a positive and supportive work environment.

The Finance Pillar Award was presented to the Kish and Valley West Medical Transcription and EScription Team for implementing Back End Speech Recognition at both hospitals. The new software reduced outsourcing costs by 95% and increased productivity 133% from 150 lines typed per hour to 400 lines produced per hour.

Nancy Plote, Kishwaukee Community Hospital coder and report writer, received the Sepaniak Spirit Award. Kurt Galera, technical support analyst for Information Systems, was the Top Can-Do Attitude recipient.

Susan Golden Jursich, Kish Hospital’s Food and Nutrition Services Department, received the Service Pillar Award for her exceptional customer service in the Kish Coffee House.

Unlimited Performance Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine received the Growth Pillar Award for establishing niche services in the face of local competition that resulted in an 11% volume increase over the previous year and a 25% increase since 2006.

The Sepaniak Award was named in memory of Karen Sepaniak who worked at Valley West Community Hospital for nearly 40 years. She died in 2007, The award was named after Sepaniak because she lived the health system’s values and brought a spirit of caring, compassion, passion and loyalty to work. 

In presenting the award to Plote, Kevin Poorten, KishHealth System president and CEO, said, “Integrity shows in Nancy’s work, her attitude, and her character. She is honest and trustworthy, able to maintain confidentiality in all she does. She is an excellent steward of our resources as she consistently manages productivity and meets departmental goals under the finance pillar.”

The Top Can-Do Attitude winner is the employee who received the most acknowledgments for going “above and beyond.”


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Donnalee Klatt, left, Human Resources administrative assistant for KishHealth System, was recognized for 45 years of service and Jenelle Muzzillo, RN, Health Information Management, Valley West Community Hospital, was recognized for 40 years of service, at the recent annual KishHealth System Employee Recognition Banquet.

Klatt has a long history of service and dedication to Kishwaukee Community Hospital. She began working part-time in the Bookkeeping Department in the Business Office at DeKalb Public Hospital in 1967. She then transferred full-time to Payroll, moved to Kishwaukee Community Hospital in 1975, and soon accepted the full-time position of personnel director. Klatt now works part-time as an administrative assistant in Human Resources Klatt said, “It has been great. There have been so many changes, but I have been proud to have been a part of them. My job in Human Resources has been challenging, a great learning experience, and very enjoyable. I have met a lot of wonderful people in the past 45 years. Our team in Human Resources is the greatest to work with. It has been very rewarding to be a part of KishHealth System.”

Muzzillo, a registered nurse, also has many years of committed service to Valley West Community Hospital. Before her retirement earlier this month, Muzzillo held several clinical positions over the years, including Intensive Care Unit supervisor, clinical manager of Infection Control, Utilization Review/Quality Assurance, and director of Acute Care Services, and most recently, Emergency Department coder/auditor. She started her career at Valley West at age 16 as an aide on the nursing unit, then received her RN from Silver Cross in Joliet.

Muzzillo said, “I have worked at Sandwich Community Hospital/Valley West Community Hospital all these years because it was a good hospital; and now, more and more people are realizing it. It’s a wonderful place to work.”

Other employees were recognized for 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 years of service.

35 years: Deanna Francis, Manager, Materials Management, Valley West; Cheryl French, Patient Access, Valley West; Linda S. Johnson, RN, ICU, Valley West; Jackie Mascenic, RN, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; and Nancy Plote, Coder/Report Writer, HIM, Kish Hospital.

30 years: Brenda Adkins, Environmental Services Supervisor, Kish Hospital; Linda Arnold, RN / Anesthesia Tech, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Nancy Barnes, RN, Continuity of Care, Valley West; Wanda Leifheit, RN-Cardiology Lab, Kish Hospital; Barbara Roof, RN Pre-Op Nursing, Kish Hospital; Jane School, RN, Continuity of Care Supervisor, Kish Hospital; and Kristena Wyant, RN, ICU, Valley West.

25 years: Susan Aamodt, RN, Hospital Supervisor, Kish Hospital; Christine Cain, Manager, HIM, Valley West; Deb Ferguson, Administrative Assistant, Unlimited Performance; Vickie Guthrie, RN, Director, ICU, Telemetry and Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Pete Keding, Engineer, Kish Hospital; Debra Lundgren, Clerk, HIM, Kish Hospital; Joni Schnabel, Systems Analyst, IS, KishHealth System; Debbie Sells, Executive Assistant, KishHealth System; Cheryl Torres, RN, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; and Jeri Wethington, Sterile Processing Supervisor, Kish Hospital.

20 years: Debra Angel, Sterile Processing, Kish Hospital; Penni Blue, Food & Nutrition Services, Valley West; Connie Briesacher, Ambulatory Services, Kish Hospital; Cynthia Byerhof, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Arvada Coleman, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Barbara Dobson, Hospital Supervision, Valley West; Loren Foelske, Administration, KishHealth System; Cynthia Hooper, Cardiac Rehab, Kish Hospital; Christine Jackson, Cardiac Rehab, Kish Hospital; Diane Johnson, Patient Services, Hauser Ross; Kathleen Kuhmichel, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Joan Lee, Ambulatory Services, Kish Hospital; Julie Maertz, Patient Services, Hauser Ross; Kenneth Mason, Maintenance, Valley West; Deborah McCloud, Emergency Department, Valley West; Margaret Neisendorf, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Judy Parker, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; Debra Rood, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Lisa Smits, Patient Services, Hauser Ross; Thomas Warzecha, Pharmacy, Kish Hospital; and Tricia Winters, Cardiac Rehab, Kish Hospital.

15 years: Jacqueline Beck, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Lori Buchanan, Order Entry/Receptionist, Kish Hospital; Douglas Decker, Purchasing & Stores KishHealth System; Robert Divita, Maintenance, Kish Hospital; Billie Holstein, Food & Nutrition Services, Valley West; Christopher Laurent, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Regina Lawton, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; David Linden, Endoscopy, Kish Hospital; Sharon Maas, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Doris Macdonald, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Tamberly Matthews, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Linda Myers, Child Development Clinic, Kish Hospital; and Cherlynn Norman, Community Education, Hauser Ross.

Regina Parker, Social Services, Kish Hospital; Kenneth Parsons, Emergency Department; Kim Pierce, Patient Services, Hauser Ross, Kish Hospital; Kevin Powell, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Deborah Rachas, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Michael Reser, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Gail Sarver, KishHealth Foundation; Debra Schiller, Continuity of Care, Kish Hospital; Samantha Smith, Cardiac Rehab, Valley West; Judith Sulaver, Order Entry/Receptionist, Kish Hospital; Cynthia Trutt, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Shirley Unger, Health Information Management, Kish Hospital; Theresa Wagner, Administration, Valley West; and Judith White, Physical Therapy, Kish Hospital.

10 years: Rebecca Andrews, Diabetes Services, Kish Hospital; Lori Behrens, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Lisa Buczkowski, Pain Clinic, Kish Hospital; Kimberly Butz, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Cynthia Cave, EMS, Valley West; Carrie Collins, Ambulatory Services, Valley West; Traca Crowley, Medical Oncology, Kish Hospital; Gail Dobran, Health Information Management, Kish Hospital; Timothy Dolan, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Renee Ellingson, Business Development, KishHealth System; Cassandra Ford, Pharmacy, Valley West; Julie Goad, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Sharonlynne Gruber, Patient Access, Valley West; and Diane Hance, DeKalb County Hospice.

Valerie Hansen, Pre-Op Nursing, Kish Hospital; Christina Hardy, MRI Services, Kish Hospital; Misti Harloff, Cardiac Rehab, Valley West; Lisa Harris, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Angela Hernandez, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Carolyn Herrmann, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Jenna Johnson, Maternity Suites, Valley West; Roberta Johnson, Housekeeping, Valley West; Sheree Komes, Waterman Medical Clinic, KishHealth System; Ramona Lopez, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; Barbara Martinez, Medical/Surgical, Valley West; Lucinda Mock, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Christine Morsch, Purchasing & Stores, Valley West; and Suzanne Mullis, Hospital Supervision, Kish Hospital.

Debra Myers, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Kenneth O’Brien, Medical/Surgical, Kish Hospital; Jennifer Olsen, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Deborah Paulin, Operating Room, Kish Hospital; Sheree Pinto, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Pamela Rogers, Patient Access, Kish Hospital; Susan Roland, Health Information Management, Kish Hospital; Paul Rothenbach, Cardiopulmonary, Kish Hospital; Kenneth Schwiesow, Cardiopulmonary, Kish Hospital; Paul Springer, Maintenance, Kish Hospital; Melissa Stevens, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital; Craig Villacorta, Information Systems, KishHealth System; Karen Wallin, Cardiac Rehab, Kish Hospital; Megan Welch, Clinical Education, Kish Hospital; Anthony Woodson, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; and Michele Wylde, Unlimited Performance, Kish Hospital.

5 years: Hanna Anderson, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Wendy Atkinson, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Laura Barnes, Laboratory, Valley West; Renae Berggren, Maternity Suites, Valley West; Karen Black, Professional Practice, Kish Hospital; Stanley Bochenek, Transport Services, Kish Hospital; Sarah Braffett, Clinical Resources, Kish Hospital; Sally Brotcke, Volunteer Services, Kish Hospital; Donald Brown, Cath Lab, Kish Hospital; Allison Bryan, Marketing & Public Relations, KishHealth System Hospital; Alicia Burgos, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Anita Byrd, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Roxann Camparone, Social Services, Valley West; Andrea Carter, Physical Therapy, Kish Hospital; Barbara Castritsis, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; and Joseph Ciontea, Patient Access, Valley West.

Geni Collins, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Lorena Corral, Human Resources, KishHealth System; Angela Constabile, Laboratory, Valley West; Christine Crisman, Medical/Surgical, Valley West; Kristie DeMayo, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Sara Domroes, Hospital Supervision, Kish Hospital; Jennifer Fuchs, Emergency Department, Valley West; Donna Graham, Diagnostic Imaging, Kish Hospital; Christine Hacker, DeKalb County Hospice; Silvia Hanson, Information Systems, KishHealth System; Orfa Harkness, Interpreters, Kish Hospital; Emily Hummel, EAP, Kish Hospital; Kimberly Ikeler, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; and Tiffany Johnson, Cardiopulmonary, Valley West Hospital.

Cynthia Johnston, Community Wellness, Valley West Hospital; Debra Kading, Medical/Surgical, Valley West Hospital; Dolores Kasmar, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Anthony Klingberg, Purchasing & Stores, Kish Hospital; Rachel Kranz, Continuity of Care, Kish Hospital; Stephanie Kyler, Human Resources, KishHealth System; Thomas Lind, Cath Lab, Kish Hospital; Jill Lovett, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Shannon Maconaghy, Ambulatory Services, Kish Hospital; Leeann Martin, Diagnostic Imaging, Valley West Hospital; Dana Mascenic, Patient Access, Kish Hospital; John Mataitis, Housekeeping, Kish Hospital; Helen Maurer, DeKalb County Hospice; and Christine McCarthy, Medical/Surgical, Kish Hospital.

Shari McIntyre, Medical/Surgical, Kish Hospital; Kari Mclean, Clinical Resources, Kish Hospital; Matthew McMillan, Purchasing & Stores, Kish Hospital; Jennifer McNutt, Medical/Surgical, Kish Hospital; Carol Miller, Emergency Department, Valley West Hospital; Laura Minich, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Clare Minuiz, Order Entry/Receptionist, Kish Hospital; Samantha Morman, Patient Services, Hauser Ross Hospital; Stacie Nachman, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Christine Nelms, Patient Access, Kish Hospital; Victoria O’Hanlon, Emergency Department, Valley West Hospital; Julie Paku, Medical/Surgical, Kish Hospital; and Renee Peppers, Kish Corporate Health.

Roy Peregrine, Purchasing & Stores, Kish Hospital; Melissa Perian, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Nicholas Prose, Maintenance, Kish Hospital; Michelle Quezada, Medical/Surgical, Valley West; Sheri Quillen, Accounting, KishHealth System Hospital; Mark Rafferty, Optical Shop, Hauser Ross; Hilary Raih, Patient Services, Hauser Ross; Gabriel Ramirez, Food & Nutrition Services, Kish Hospital; Carol Ray, Patient Access, Valley West Hospital; Elizabeth Reaves, Intensive Care Unit, Kish Hospital; Justin Rimstidt, Emergency Department, Kish Hospital; Melissa Romano, Diabetes Services, Kish Hospital; Carrie Rubo, Social Services; Valley West; and Rayann Sanchez, Patient Scheduling, Kish Hospital.

Belinda Santos, KishHealth Family and Specialty Clinic-Genoa; Michele Schultz, Business Development, KishHealth System; Kristi Smiley, Recovery Room, Kish Hospital; Kristi Stice, Pharmacy, Kish Hospital; Pamela Taylor, Administration, KishHealth System; Stacie Taylor, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Rex Timmerman, Maintenance, Kish Hospital; Thomas Vrana, Cardiopulmonary, Kish Hospital; Katherina Webb, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Sherena White, Maternity Suites, Kish Hospital; Christine Whitfield, Kish Corporate Health; Kelli Wilkening, Telemetry/Pediatrics, Kish Hospital; Jennie Wyatt, Laboratory, Kish Hospital; Joyce Wysznski, Patient Access, Valley West; and William Zieman, Diagnostic Imaging, Valley West.


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Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary, Valley West Community Hospital Auxiliary, and KishHealth Foundation are accepting applications for their 2012-2013 scholarship opportunities. For students interested in healthcare studies, the scholarships offered through KishHealth System are excellent opportunities.


Kishwaukee Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships:

Each applicant must be a DeKalb County resident, has been accepted into, is currently enrolled, or intends to be enrolled, as a full-time student in a college level health related program. Healthcare scholarships through the Kish Hospital Auxiliary are supported with proceeds from the Auxiliary’s fundraisers. This past year the Auxiliary awarded $23,000 in scholarships to 13 students.

Completed applications, transcripts, and references must be postmarked by May 1, 2012. For applications, contact Paula von Ende, Volunteer Services Director, One Kish Hospital Drive, P.O. Box 707, DeKalb, IL 60115, e-mail pvonende@kishhospital.org, or access the application at www.kishhospital.org/scholarships.


Valley West Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarships:

Valley West Auxiliary offers scholarships to students who live in communities served by Valley West Community Hospital. This includes Sandwich, Plano, Somonauk, Leland, Yorkville, Bristol, Sheridan, Serena, Newark, Millington, Millbrook, Big Rock, Hinckley, and Waterman. Students must be enrolled in a bona fide professional program of study for any of the allied healthcare curriculum.

Application forms, transcripts, and test scores must be completed and returned by June 1, 2012. To apply, download the PDF form at www.valleywest.org/scholarships and send all documents to Valley West Auxiliary Scholarship Chairman, Valley West Community Hospital, 11 East Pleasant Avenue, Sandwich, IL 60548.


KishHealth Foundation, Floann and Hallie Hamilton Diagnostic Imaging Scholarship: 

Each applicant must be a DeKalb County resident and must have been accepted into a college diagnostic imaging curriculum. The Hamilton scholarship was established by Floann and Hallie Hamilton, long time Kish Hospital Auxiliary volunteers.


KishHealth Foundation, James J. Feeney, MD, Memorial Scholarship:

Each applicant must be a DeKalb County resident currently enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited medical school curriculum or have been accepted into a college level pre-medical curriculum as a full-time student. The Feeney scholarship was established by Dr. Feeney’s widow and daughters.


KishHealth Foundation, Kishwaukee Community Hospital Physicians’ Medical Education Scholarship: 

Each applicant must be a DeKalb County resident currently enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited medical school curriculum. The Kish Hospital Physicians’ scholarship was created in 2004 by Photine Liakos, MD, to assist and encourage young people to join the medical and ancillary health services professions. The scholarship is funded by donations from local physicians.

For applications contact the KishHealth Foundation office at 815.748.9954, e-mail mrubic@kishhealth.org, or access the applications at www.kishhealthfoundation.org/scholarships.

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Waldorf Salad

I am so excited to share with you that as of Monday I am the Healthy Culinary Instructor at Kishwaukee Hospital Healthy Systems.  So what this means I will be teaching my natural cooking techniques to the community. I will still continue to offer private classes here at my home school and develop the recipe card sets for each season and send out my emails with tips and recipes.  Since  I now have to be on a different type of schedule  I will be putting to the test my tips on cooking on the run and keeping it real


So this is what I did yesterday:


After running across a bag of Kamut in the freezer (it is an ancestor to wheat) I was inspired to make something with it.

Before work – measured 1 cup of grain and put it to soak covered with water for the day.  Soaking helps cook faster but also reduces the acid of the grain and makes it more digestible.

Returning home – rinsed it and with 2 cups water and pinch of salt brought it to boil, then covered and simmered around 45 minutes (I like it a bit chewy you can cook it longer). So what to do?  I spotted some apples and knew we had celery … oh a sort of Waldorf Salad!

Cut up 2 apples, 3 stalks celery, handful sunflower seeds and another of craisins.

Dressing: 1/4 cup mayo, 1 generous tablespoon Dijon, dose of rice vinegar about 1 1/2 tab. season with salt and pepper.  We ate it on a bed of greens.

We had some leftover Turkey chili from the night before to add to the meal.

Now I have a great salad for lunchtime today.


You can vary the grain using rice, bulgur or whatever you have.

Cannot wait to share my new adventures with you!


The winter recipe card collection is available at   Sweet Earth downtown Sycamore; Duck Soup Coop in DeKalb and Creative Therapeutics. 

I will be ordering some more fall sets for those of you asking – let me know so I can reserve one for you.

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