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Our second outing to explore Sycamore was a visit to the Sycamore Family Sports Center, located on East State Street.  The kids had been looking forward to this excursion all week and this was loudly confirmed with screams and yells as we pulled into the parking lot. Our first mission: a competitive game on mini-golf! We headed inside the shop to pick out our clubs and different colored balls, then walked over to the 18-hole course. After a few practice putts, we were ready to go. The first hole was my favorite (probably because I scored a hole-in-one, something that never happens!)  We continued on the course with some laughs and decided it was no fun to keep score and played just for fun. Along the way, Ava and Carson enjoyed the different features at the holes. There was a pirate statue we stopped to check out, a grizzly bear that I had to assure Carson was not real, and their favorite, the water hazards on several holes. Some of these were tricky; especially the one that required us to maneuver the balls up and around the water. We had fun with these and lucky for us, the skimmers that were located nearby on these holes were particularly helpful. It was a fun, lighthearted activity to do with the kids, and made me recall mini-golfing with my family when I was a kid. Ava and Carson were quite impressed that mini-golf existed that long ago (apparently I was born in the Ice Age).

After we finished hole 18, we decided to try the batting cages. We exchanged our clubs for baseball bats and helmets and headed over to the cages. There was Little League speed and Slow Pitch Softball speed. Considering Carson currently plays t-ball where the ball is stationary, we opted for the slow pitch! I headed into the cages to demonstrate how to use the batting cage, which really was just an opportunity to me to re-live my high school softball days! Carson was the next one to use the cages and he bravely stepped up to the plate for his turn. He did pretty well, and thankfully understood that the softballs would keep coming at him and he didn’t have to chase after them. He swung away with his t-ball bat like he was in the major leagues. Ava took her turn and hit several of the twelve balls that were pitched to her. They came out of the batting cage with victorious grins on their faces.

A few things we didn’t have time for on that particular day and will return to do soon were the go-karts and soccer kicking cages. I was told the larger go-karts have a minimum height requirement of 54 inches, but there are smaller carts that can be driven by 4-8 year olds (these are driven one at a time on the track).  The soccer ball kicking cage is similar to the batting cages and each session has a total of 12 balls that may be kicked at various targets. There is also a golf driving range but I don’t think we’re ready for that quite yet! Maybe next year….

Ava, Carson and I are looking forward to our next Sycamore outing surprise. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!

Click here to view more pictures from our adventure!

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